We conduct business on three solid principles: Safety, Quality and Relationships.



Our first priority is that everyone goes home safe. We take every precaution to ensure that our people not only meet but exceed industry best practices to protect ourselves, our colleagues and anyone who may be affected by any of the work we do. If it’s not done safely it’s not done at all.


Next to safety, quality is our top priority. It is engrained in our company values, it is visible in the work we do, it is how we run our business. The work we do effects thousands of people around the province, it effects the cleanliness and integrity of our neighbourhoods, and it effects the safety of people in the community. Ironman approaches each and every job as if we were working on our own home; as though we were cleaning our own neighbourhoods; as if we were working around our own  families. Quality is what sets us apart.


Many people are involved in the work we do. From homeowners to business owners, drillers to utility crews, and even people walking down the street, we strive to ensure that all stakeholders are treated with courtesy and respect.


Rules for success

Rules are there to create and maintain a better work environment for all. It provides a sense of consistency and guides actions toward desired results. At Ironman, every employee should live by these rules so that we can achieve personal and professional success.


We know what our end goal is at work

  • We are our biggest fans, therefore we always start with setting our end goal for each project. All tasks should fit our vision of the end goal. We reverse engineer and ask ourselves questions – what is our plan and strategy around that.
  • The only way we can do this is by knowing our quality is unparalleled.  We trust and stand behind the work we do, every … single….day.

We are determined

  • The team is known to have incredible willpower to always find long-term solutions to challenges presented. We strive to evolve and outdo our last. For us, an achievement only leads to new and greater goals because as long as the company exists, we are capable of continuous improvement. 
  • We will always have a plan A, B, C, D and E ready. Basically, there is always a contingency plan. When faced with a problem, WE consider options beyond the traditional and obvious. The team is trained to always think beyond just the next moment, and take to account that things can go wrong.

Sometimes we run before we walk

  • We’re not afraid to take on any challenge. There are times we don’t do things sequentially because things need to be done simultaneously. We are flexible and agile to adapt to the requirements of a project.

We look after the earth

  • Ironman Directional values a safe operating space for humanity
  • At Ironman Directional, social responsibility is always a priority therefore skills are used for good and not devastation. 
  • The team uses proper technology in order to be minimally invasive. 
  • The team recognizes that the work WE do affects thousands of people and generations to come and so it is important to invest and prioritize quality.

We take the necessary precautions

  • Workplace Safety
    • First and foremost, our staff is equipped with the proper training and proper safety gear to minimize hazards. 
    • Equipment is also well maintained so that workers can do the job effectively and efficiently.
    • The team takes every precaution to ensure that staff not only meet but exceed industry best practices. 
    • The team also does their homework – attempting to solve an equation is particularly difficult if you haven’t read up on all the variables. Whether it’s to research a location or a situation, safety comes with familiarity with the situation. 
  • People’s Safety
    • At Ironman Directional, they protect people they care about. At their core, the team puts their life’s work on the line for the greater good and for the future.

We communicate confidently

  • The team is charismatic and knowledgeable at the same time therefore they can communicate well with each other and with our clients. 
  • Transparency about the project details is deemed important as clarity builds trust and strengthens relationships.
  • The clients invest in us and so we make sure to keep them posted about the project and assure them about the quality of results.

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