About Us



We conduct business on three solid principles: Safety, Quality and Relationships.


Our first priority is that everyone goes home safe. We take every precaution to ensure that our people not only meet but exceed industry best practices to protect ourselves, our colleagues and anyone who may be affected by any of the work we do. If it’s not done safely it’s not done at all.




Next to safety, quality is our top priority. It is engrained in our company values, it is visible in the work we do, it is how we run our business. The work we do effects thousands of people around the province, it effects the cleanliness and integrity of our neighbourhoods, and it effects the safety of people in the community. Ironman approaches each and every job as if we were working on our own home; as though we were cleaning our own neighbourhoods; as if we were working around our own  families. Quality is what sets us apart.


Many people are involved in the work we do. From homeowners to business owners, drillers to utility crews, and even people walking down the street, we strive to ensure that all stakeholders are treated with courtesy and respect.

Our partners include: