Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) has quickly become the leading choice in underground utility and pipeline installation. Ironman Directional Boring is at the forefront of this development using technologically advanced locating systems to ensure the most precise and safe underground navigation.



What are the advantages of HDD?

  • Client needs – We can deliver the product you need to your specific profiles, alignments and depths with the highest level of accuracy.
  • Safety – the ground is filled with millions of miles of underground utilities which when damaged can cause loss of power, heat, floods, explosions and injury. HDD technology lets us navigate utilities in the safest manner.
  • Scope of work – Damage to major services like roadways, railways, and airport runways can cost millions and create hazards for workers, down time for rail services, air services, and disruptions in traffic leading to accidents. HDD can reduce risk to minimal levels and save thousands of dollars in costs.
  • Environmentally sound and fragile ecosystems – HDD can drill under environmentally sensitive areas creating minimal environmental impact to streams, ponds, lakes and rivers.
  • Cleanliness and efficiency – Digging up large trenches can be time consuming, expensive and leave neighbourhoods looking like construction sites. IRONMAN can ensure fast, clean and safe drilling in high traffic and residential areas.


Directional Drilling is the safest, fastest and most cost effective way to install your underground utilities and pipelines. For more information or to get a quote, call Kendall at 780 232 6040 or Blain at 780 721 0892

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