IRONMAN Hydrovacs

Hydrovacing is the process of using high pressure water to cut into the ground, which is then sucked up by a powerful vacuum. Hydrovac excavation is the safest method of digging because it offers the least risk to underground utilities and pipelines, and has a minimal impact on environmental conditions. All IRONMAN hydrovacs are equipped with state of the art boiler systems which allow for effective digging even in the coldest Canadian conditions.



Damage to underground utilities can cause explosions, flooding, electric shock, and millions of dollars in damage. Hydrovac excavation provides a fast and safe way for contractors to avoid dangerous and costly errors. Hydrovacs are the industry standard for daylighting utilities and pipelines and ensuring due diligence on any type of underground construction. IRONMAN Hydrovac units are equipped with the latest technology to ensure that we get your job done in the most efficient and safest way possible.


OHS laws state that buried facilities must be exposed by hand or by an acceptible non-destructive technique. Hydrovac excavation is considered by almost all utility owners to be an acceptable means, and can get the job done much more efficiently than any other method. Hydrovacs operate 300% faster than hand exposing and digging. This means your project can progress faster, with a greatly reduced risk of injury to those involved.





  • Oil and Gas – Exposing utilities
  • Telecommunications – Repair/upgrade of damaged utilities
  • Power and Electricity – Electric cable faults
  • Water and Drainage – Trenching
  • Commercial/Residential Construction – Pile holes
  • Municipal Emergency Crews – Culvert and manhole cleaning
  • High-pressure washing
  • Dewatering
  • Entry and exit service pits


  • 2 triaxle hydrovacs
  • 1 single axle hydrovac
  • Experienced operators
  • Industry best practices
  • Safety training
  • Bonding mats

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